TYPE 9122 CLIMBER – outdoor fitness apparatus

In manufacture of this product no chemicals or procedures were used that could harm the environment.

This product is fully recyclable.

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The product belongs to the category of devices for recreation and exercise in open spaces.
Equipment for persons over 14 years of age or with a total height of more than 1400 mm.
The device is made of steel tubes, profiles and tins connected with welding and bolted connection in functional unit, based with anchor bolts on a solid surface.
The product is protected with two layers of powder coating – anti-corrosion base layer and a final decorative layer in color according RAL chart. The supporting columns are in triple construction.


Catch the handle with hands and put one foot on one of climbers footboard, another foot on the other footboard, and alternately transfer weight from one leg to another simulating climbing stairs.

Strengthening the heart and lung function, developing muscle strength in the lower limbs and waist. Improve flexibility, coordination and stability of the lower extremities.
Good for removal of lumbar muscle fatigue, functional disorders of the joints of the lower extremities, and muscle atrophy.

For one user. Hold on tight to avoid falling.


Catch the handle with hands and stand with your feet on pendulum. Widening and nearing legs is loading the femur muscle.

Strengthens the leg side, front and back muscles, and joints of the upper and lower body. Ideal for strengthening and removal of functional disturbances of hips and knees.

For one user. Do not stand aside while the device is in use.
Hold on tight to avoid falling.

Exercise type:
Cardiovascular, stretching.

Safety zone: 4530 x 3800 mm
Assembly: on a prepared concrete base or foundation
Weight: 92 kg
Dimensions (LxBxH): 1520 x 685 x 1560 mm