In manufacture of this product no chemicals or procedures were used that could harm the environment.

This product is fully recyclable.

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Cute game-play suitable for all parks and playgrounds.
It consists of covered room with two entrances, convenient benches for the kids, platform and climbing on the sides.
May be assembled with other play area from the production program (TYPE 8500,8520 …) as well as stand-alone game for children of all ages.


All elements made of sheet metal or plastic are made with modern technology of water-jet cutting and contain no sharp edges.
Final processing of all steel parts is hot-dip zinc plating and covering with the UV-stabilized powder coating.

Assembly: on a prepared concrete base or foundation
Safety zone: 4 x 4 m
Dimensions (LxBxH): 1,5 x 1,6 x 2,3 m