Original shape and structure adjustable , and quick and easy assembly is currently ready for use.
Possible upgrade of interconnected modular units in series, and visual appeal with a wide choice of colors make this product adaptable for use in all urban and other areas.

Steel structure painted a basic and final, with the mantle of “ALUCOBOND” panels and industrial panels.
Considering the dimensions adaptable for transport to any transport vehicle on the ground and pallet trucks.
Placed on a flat hard surface (concrete, asphalt, terrazzo), with the adjustable leveling legs.
Built-in air vents with bars, and if necessary, fitted with forced ventilation fan built in.
Depending on the purpose, can be delivered with the installation of electricity, water and sewer.
Mantle is insulated with mineral wool hard.
Interior decorating:
The basic form is delivered without shelves and equipment, and all upgrades and organization of space is determined by specific requirements of customers.

Dimensions (LxBxH): 3200 x 2500 x 2550 mm
Assembly: freestanding