for 2 bicycles

Aluminum profile.

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Bicycle pole for 2 bikes

– Construction made of “ellipse” aluminum profiles that don’t contain sharp edges
– Insert of steel additionally reinforces construction and prevents vandal damages
– Designed to relent during stronger car impact, and reduces the risk of major injuries
– Small dimensions enables mounting with minimal preparations
– Optionally mounting on a hard prepared surface or concreting

Practical product small in size that offers multiple features.
You can set it up along bike paths, with all kinds of facilities, with sports fields, etc.
The design blends with all environments, performance without sharp edges allows reclining bike without fear of damage.
Large aperture for locking almost all types of bicycles and use almost all of locking systems (chain, cable, u-lock …).
Quality manufacture guarantees durability in all climates.

All elements made of sheet metal are made with modern technology of water-jet cutting and contain no sharp edges.
Final processing of all steel parts is sand blasting and covering with the UV-stabilized powder coating.

Dimensions (LxBxH): 100 x 70 x 1000 mm
Places for bicycles: 2
Weight: 7 kg
Assembly: on a prepared concrete base or foundation