For more containers or Bins.

Steel construction.

Sides – Zinc-plated perf.steel tin.

Roof – Profiled tin.

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Eco shelter

Eco shelter can hold more containers and bins.
It serves to prevent the dispersion of waste disposal, and enables unloading of waste in the unfavorable weather conditions, partly prevents the spread of odors and hides the unsightly appearance of cans and containers in public areas.



– Construction made of hot dip galvanized steel profiles, protected with powder coating
– Side covers made from zinc-plated perforated steel tin protected with powder coating
– Roof cover made of profiled zinc-plated steel tin T40.

Assembly: on a prepared concrete base or foundation
Dimensions (LxBxH): 3000 (to 5000) x 3000 (to 5000) x 2450 mm