Street workout is a way to exercise with the weight of his own body on the apparatus in public parks, and all other available surfaces. Globally evolving with remarkable speed, due to its three main features: -It is completely free -It is extremely attractive -It is very effective for the entire musculature. Street workout is primarily a social movement that has strong positive effects on today’s youth. Ambitious young people are encouraged for creative projects and development of leadership skills in them. The apparatus are fully developed and produced in our factory, with special emphasis on the safety of use, functional and attractive design, and high resistance to vandalism. All apparatus are manufactured according to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO14001: 2004 standards. In manufacture of this products no chemicals or procedures were used that could harm the environment. All this products are fully recyclable. Each apparatus contains a board with instructions for use, warnings and description of the functions that the body performs when performing exercises.