Vojtek Oprema d.o.o.

We are founded in year 1994 as family company.

With our own effort and constant innovations we are becoming recognizable manufacturer of urban equipment, children playgrounds and sport playgrounds.

With successful work on equipping urban areas, parks and playgrounds we outgrow to an factory with over 40 professional and qualified workers, and with our own development and recognizable design solutions.

With functional and aesthetic attractive products we keep up with all trends in equipping urban areas, parks and playgrounds by keeping quality and longevity.

Manufacturing site with over 500 m2, modern technology and qualified staff provided that we have manufacture program with over 200 products and annually adopt over 20 new products.

We are actively participating in promoting ecology, healthy living and supporting local sport community.

For manufacture of all our products we use materials that guarantee long period of use, enables recycling and aesthetically fits into every environment.

Materials that we use:

  • steel profiles
  • aluminum profiles
  • wood by choice
  • safety glass (tempered, laminated or plexiglass)
  • polyester, polycarbonate

All of our products we protect with ecological colors and with powder coating on surface prepared by zinc plating or sandblasting.

Choice of colors is by RAL.

For products that use lights, besides classical, we use most modern LED technology with possibility of solar charging.